Lessons with a Pro

Take your game to the next level. James Kupa – considered New Zealand’s best golfing trainer – is head professional and supported by New Zealand top golfers Ian Schofield and Jonny Ratcliffe.


Junior coaching clinics are available on Saturday Mornings. Promoted by the Ngaki Tamariki Trust.

Bookings are essential. Please enquire here.

Ian Schofield

PGA member since 1990
Been serving the public for 25 years
Introducing the game of golf to people is my biggest thrill.
Individual lessons and introduction package’s available.
For more info please call me on:
09-815 4999
Or email chamberlainparkproshop@gmail.com

James Kupa

Originally from the Hawkes Bay. I currently reside in Auckland, where I have been living for the past 27 years. First and foremost I’m a grandfather to three beautiful grand kids and a father to three stubborn kids, behind every good man is a great women – mine is my amazing wife Jo.

  • AAA Golf Professional
  • Passionate Golf Player
  • Titleist – TPI Certified 1, 2, and 3 Golf Coach
  • Head Coach Chamberlain Park
  • Funniest Man In My House
  • www.jameskupagolf.com